Almost 20 years of Back to '89


Why Back to '89 or B289

The 80s... where porthole, mural custom bugs were being replaced with the explosion of American influenced Cal Look pastel coloured bugs, super low, quicker than a Ferrari on the 1/4 mile drag strip. 87 bought us Bug jam #1 a home for these drag/show cars progressing to the seminal year that was 1989 the peak of the explosion. Back to '89 was coined relating to the legendary exciting cars and merchandise of this period.


Our bible...our inspiration

There are only a few books covering the niche of what was happening in the VW Scene at the time. 'Aircooled Volkswagens' is a true reflection written mid 80's covering the USA movement. Do not believe the myth of UK Cal Look, it was a worldwide phenomenon of 80s Cal Look Volkswagen's. The past 25 years has been heavily influenced by Vintage 70s Cal Look. This is not the same and history has been rewritten to cater for this style. We love the DKP look like the next guy but we are Back to 89/B289 with shy of 4k members following us on our Facebook page. Join us below for like minded people and thousands of pictures.


B289 Highlights over 20 years

The B289 displays couldn't be done without the owners and tracking down the cars on forums, Facebook and beyond. The B289 displays have had off shoots at EBI5 in Belgium to supporting the California Prado show with Gavin Jones TQR painted B289 trophy. My own column in five international magazines is amazing to get the movement out there and all of the support from the godfathers of 'B289 such as El Ritchie, Brett, Brian, Simon Emery, Gary Constable, Jay Townsend, Randy Carlson and Keith Seume plus other instrumental individuals. Finally B289 continues embedded in the current VW scene and my thanks to the partners who started the movement with me on M7 Forum 20 years ago - Michael Leche, Simon Tomlin and of course Alex Markille. Legends all of them!

B.. B.. B.. Bug Jam

Bug jam 89

Back to '89 Top Gear Footage from Southend 1987

Back to '89 proudly presents the So-End Cal Look Movement

Featuring: El Ritchie, Keith Seume, Gary Constable and Chris Jory.

Location: East Beach Shoebury, Uncle Toms Shoebury Common and the City Beach Southend and Westcliff